Crude Oil vs Black Gold

Crude is proving its nick Name 'Black Gold' as a Reality. Crude oil is Mood To Crack the $ 100 Mark . Last week Crude oil closed With a Historic mark $ 74.34 after 1.5%
gain. Despite Sanctions To Iran Oman is Ready to Trade with Iran . Kuwait Stopped Crude oil export to USA.
Next some days , crude oil may surpass all with new highs. The rise in crude oil prices is due to circumstances of sanctions to Iran. Russia is also a major player in terms of
crude oil prices rising.
USA Sanctions on Iran was a friendship venture between Saudi Arabia and USA .Saudi Arabia was reaping profits from high crude oil prices that was rose . But now After Trump's Remark on Saudi Arabia
, Saudis are feeling Shame. Now Saudi Arabia and Sanctions Bearing Russia may Crash high Oil Prices By increasing output .

Published on 07-10-2018


After rejecting USA proposal to stop petrodollars to Iran , now china is compiling steps towards it under Trump Administration Pressure.
Crude oil's kingpin Saudi Arabia is unable to handle global supply.
Due to China's Response Trade war with USA seems to be Stopped Because USA is Shipping Crude Oil This week .
Second Biggest Factor behind price rising is Biggest Fall is Valenzuela's Oil Exports.
However Russia and Saudi Arabia Is Ready to Rise Crude Output.Crude oil Touched A historic Mark $76.41 / BB.
OPEC Seems helpless after failing their all efforts to lower Crude Oil Prices.
After November 2014, First Time Diesel Prices Touched 80 Rupee Mark in Mumbai.
Currently Situations are in favors of Crude to Touch $100/ bb Mark.

Updated on 04-10-2018


It is a type of hydrocarbon of unrefined fossil fuel or  petroleum product and after refined crude oil  gets converted into many usable products and they are  Diesel , Petrol , gasoline and various petrochemical products and  it is also called as Black Gold.

Investing in Gold Good ?

Buying Gold is one of oldest Investment method.  The traditional Indian view of gold—it is the best investment, Gold Provides protection in bad times and Every households should invest in it. Gold Can be easily liquefied .   The second point  is that gold can be traded like other commodities. physical gold is a currency that can survive when paper currencies do not.