Today many Companies Spreading Confusions among the traders and Investors. Team share Bazar is Trying to clear Your Doubts about Indian share Bazaar .Check out the examples belew.

What is Share Bazaar?

Share Bazaar is Indian Stock Markets Like BSE / SENSEX , NSE / Nifty,MCX , NCDEX and S&P........  .

What is BSE and NSE?

BSE is Bombay Stock Exchange ie. SENSEX and NSE is National Stock Exchange ie Nifty or Nifty 50 .

Who Controls Share Bazaar?

Share Bazaar is not matter of Control . SEBI is an autonomous body of India Govt that Takes cares all about share Bazaar.

What is Gold ETF ?

Gold ETF is Gold Exchange Traded Fund That has May Faetureslike

  1. Absence  of Impurity Risk
  2. High Liquidity
  3. Low Transaction Cost
  4. STCG if Held Not More Than 36 Months
  5. LTCG  if Held  More Than 36 Months

What is RGESS ?

RGESS is Rajiv Gandhi Equity Saving Scheme that provides 50% rebate for First Time Retail Investors having Annual Income Less than 12 Lakhs .

What is Hedging?

When an Investor has an open Position in underlying, he can Use The Derivatives markets to protect that position from risks of future price movements.

What is Option Trading ?

An Option is an option to buy or sell a security or an underlying on a future date, a pre-determined price.

What is Pre Determined Price ?

It is exercise price or also called strike price .

What is Meaning of Bear and Bull?

In Simple Words

When Share Bazaar goes down below its opening Figures that we can say itiis bear Factor or Simply Bear.

When share Bazaar goes Above  its opening Figures that we can say it is Bull Factor or Simply Bull.


What is Bull Bear factor ?

When Share Bazaar Shows Both Ups and Down the we called it Bull Bear Effect

What are Share Bazar Trading Tips ?

The Trading tips Provided by Professionals meant for Trading or education Purpose are called Trading Tips .


What are types of Share Bazaar Trading Tips?

Stock market or Share Bazar Trading Tips are Mainly of Two Types .

  1. Intraday Tarding Tips
  2. Positional or Delivery Trading Tips


What are Intraday trading tips and Positional Trading Tips ?

Intraday Trading Tips are Those trading Tips having validity less than one trading day.

Positional Trading Tips are those having validity more than one trading day

Who Provides Trading Tips ?

There Hundreds advisories companies  and Individual Professionals all across India those Provides Trading tips .


Who Provides Best  Share Bazaar Trading Tips?

Team Share Bazar provides Best Trading tips of All Kinds with a Notable Accuracy with Transparency .


What are Names of NSE Trading Tips?

Nifty tips, NSE Tips, Stock Tips, Free Share Tips, Penny Stock Tips, Tata Share Price, Reliance Share Price , SBI Share Price , Hdfc Share Price , NIFTY STBT Tips, NIFTY BTST Tips , Nifty Today , Nifty Tomorrow and many More

What Are MCX Trading Tips ?

Commodity Tips , Free Mcx Tips ,Gold Tips , Silver TIps , NG Tips , Crude Oil Tips , Zinc Tips , Lead Tips, ,Aluminium Tips , Copper Tips , Nickel Tips, Mcx Gold Tips , Mcx Crude oil live and many More


What is Crude oil Inventory Tips ?

Team Share Bazar provides Best crude oil Inventory tips with high accuracy. These Tips are of Two Types Pre Inventory Tips and post Inventory Tips.